Why we started out with Ep03? :)

In case you checked our youtube channel you might have noticed that our first published episod is episode 3. Where are 1. & 2. you migh ask? Well, have you heard of Star Wars beginings or you are too young to know it started the same way. 🙂 Are we comparing to it? NO, no way, we are far away from Lucas’s master work. This is known scheme to tell you we have fragments but not the full story we will be satisfied with. Our first episode will be the begining. It will tell the story you may read here but with full audio visual narration. We are just freshly came back from our jurney and decided to ride on fresh feelings while making Ep03 video. It would be very unconvinient to begin with this video at Ep01, it would not be honest, and basic idea is to bring great feelings to videos and viewers. That said we become obligated to publish these 2 “missing” episodes in the future, so stay tuned. 😉