The Boat

Usually in this page should be technical data about a boat. Well, we don’t own one yet. 🙂 We will be recording our adventures from rented boats until our own doesn’t fulfill our hearts. So far we have two-three boats in mind. First one and first love is Beneteu Oceanis 361. it is from our perspective very nice family size boat, elegant and love-full. This boat can give us comfort we need and also help us in maintaining our intended lifestyle.


Beneteau Oceanis 361

Second pick would be The Beneteau Oceanis 473 which would be a full dream come true. It is elegant spacious vessel that can give us comfort for being on boat while making charter routs for friends and visitors. We would deare to dream of sailing around globe with it.

Beneteau Oceanis 473

Beneteau Oceanis 473

Our third pick is Salona 40, this is not so popular sailboat manufactured in our neighborhood. You can hardly find a lot of pictures and videos of it online but first time we saw picture of it we had that enlightening moment, and we saw us on board, living and traveling around. It looked to us like a family member.

Salona 40

Salona 40

Boats we sailed

Not having a boat gives you opportunity to test different vessels, before buying your own. Few years ago we didnt know what to search for, what is good and what suits us well. Now we have much better understanding. We know the feeling of shapes in cockpit, space on deck, where to leave dhingy, how toll should sprayhood be and where zip should be. This is pure expirience made on some of below boats.


Dina is my first cruiser ever sailed, it belongs to my first teacher and Captain, Laza Jovanovic, who taught me 80% of things I know about sailing and seamanship. Dina is great boat to start with since all is done by hand and ropes, no fancy things onboard, but it has everything you need for sailing. She is a 30 footer of unknow manufacturer. It is partially featured in episode 1.

Dina in Porto Montenegro

Here I learned boat parts and how to control the boat. We learned about sailing, winds and sails. It was a ground breaking expirience for me. Since than I sailed other boats.

Helmsman and a beer


Lamareta is 43 feet Elan which also belongs, partially, to my first captain. She is lovely spacius boat with nice teak deck and very conviniently shaped stern back board. It fits nicely when boat lenas under wind preassure. Here I learned how to sail and be a helmsman on stearing wheel.

Lamaretta in Volos port



Rajna is 37 Feet Bavaria, on which we spent time with our friends, and where we meet great guy Stefan, boat owner. He helped me in further development of my sailing skills, and most valuble thing I learned here was keeping boat on course under buterfly or “barn doors” in higher waves. Luckily I have recording of this.

Rajna in Spetses old port

Captain John III

Captain John III is Beneteau Oceanis 46.1, 47 feet boat on which I mostly learned how to dock, or to be more precise how to do mediterranean mooring, mooring and side docking. We did this together as Maya was my Anchor girl. 🙂 This is, in my terms, large vessel with great equipment and nice laisurre details on deck. In below video you can see me docking this beauty in Volos port in Greece. This sailing vessel is displayed in second episode of our channel.


Derby is Beneteau Oceanis 440, 42 feet long boat on which we spent great time, and practised our skills as couple, here Maya was my main Anchor girl, and we docked it together all the time. We had longer passage expirince in over 2m swell. This sailing boat is featured in episode 3, episode 4 and episode 5 of our youtube sailing channel.

Derby at Leonidio port



Magestic is Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS, 55 feet, absulutely stuning boat, that I had pleasure to skipper in Tagus river and Atlantic ocean while visiting Portugal. Farly said I was more leaning on stearing while enjoying company of Lisaboan by boat crew and Lisabon river line siteseeing than doing anything usefull with the boat. But hey, thats a part of the game too 🙂 Magestic is featured in episode 8 on our youtube sailing channel.

Magestic at Tagus river


Dias is Dofour 364 Grand Large, speed boat. 🙂 Lovely, fully charter equiped boat that we had great time on, as well as some stresfull and expirience building situations. Dias is featured in our episode 10 and episode 11 Youtube videos.

Dias in Aegina port



Easy is Oceanis 281 and smallest boat we ever sailed. Very interesting boat for three of us. It is indeed very easy to handle, we managed to get it to 6.4KTS speed and it kept us safe in 30kts Winds. It is all featured in our episode 13.

Pura Vida

it is Bavaria 30 and our first expirience with the new mamber on board. It left nice impression on us. Just a bit more room than previous boat, also very easy to handel but with a very strong prop walk in reverse. It is fature in our 14th episode.