New Life - Moving to Netherlands

New Life – Moving to The Netherlands

There are small and big life stories, this is the big one.

We packed our lives in several boxes and were ready to go. Flying above the old continent, we didn’t know what was expecting us. Our first small mission was to spend night on airport since apartment keys were available only next day around 11 AM, and we arrived at airport at 10PM.

As soon as we arrived, we decided to embrace Dutch lifestyle. Our first purchase was his majesty – Bicycle. 😊

As soon as we got on it, Maja, Mateja and me started Utrecht exploration, the more we learned the more we were falling in love with it.
Woods, Lakes, Rivers, Canals…all in one place.

“Maja: There is a lot of nature” … and some of that nature can be quite intimidating for a kids from Serbia’s capital. 😊

True exploration started when we discovered Dutch countryside. Castles / Windmills and nice summer breez/