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Escaping the Sunlit March Day in Medemblik: Wanderings, Delicacies, and Ship Delusions

As the sunlit March day in Medemblik awaited us eagerly, we were ready for adventure. Our goal was the Barberis 29 boat show, but as life often does, the journey became the destination itself. Apart from encountering the controversial boat, we spent a wonderful time exploring the charms of this picturesque Dutch town, enjoying good company, delicious food, and an unforgettable sight of Contest 63. Here’s how our journey unfolded in the heart of Medemblik.

Contest 63CS

The March sun was a gift from the heavens, and Medemblik was our destination. We had always wanted to see the Barberis 29 boat show, fascinated by the descriptions and images we had seen earlier. However, as reality often differs from expectations, we realized that particular boat wasn’t quite our cup of tea. But that didn’t discourage us, as we understood that the journey is more important than the destination.

As we strolled through the narrow streets of Medemblik, we couldn’t resist the smell of freshly ground coffee pulling us towards the local hotel. The interior was warm and inviting, the perfect place to sip coffee and unwind. We ordered our cups of that black elixir and surrendered to enjoyment.


Coffee in Medemblik

Coffee in Medemblik

After warming up and replenishing our energy, we decided to explore a bit more. The paths led us past the Contest boat production, which was a real treat for us boat enthusiasts. And there, among various models, we spotted Contest 63 proudly standing, waiting to be discovered. It was a true gem on the water, and we admired its elegance and power.

After the tour, we returned to the city center where we ended our adventure by indulging in the local cuisine. Apple pie was our choice for a treat, and we must admit we’ve never tasted a better one. That blend of sweet, juicy fruit and crispy crust left an indelible mark in our memories.

Apple pie in Medemblik

Traditional Dutch Apple pie