Intex Excursion 5 – Hardwood Floor Mod

Intex excursion 5 – Hardwood floor mod

From time to time we love to do some projects. Intex excursion 5 – Hardwood floor mod came recently to todo list. Some of them are related to adventures in nature some are not. Couple of years ago we made Table top arcade machine, now the thing that bothered us, especially me (Vladimir) was rubber floor of our new family member Intex excursion 5. The boat itself is good enough and if you are very strong or have crazy rowing family members great fun for long time. We are not, and most of the rowing was my job, so it quickly became boring thing to do. We took this inflatable because it was really cheap and it doesn’t require any bearth of place in canal. If you want to get boat place in canal you need to apply to the waiting list, which can go for around 10 years or so… Not our cup of tea. 🙂 So price and mobility were very important since we live as a tenants in Netherlands at this stage.

Baterry and trolling motor for our Intex excursion 5

Battery and trolling motor for our Intex excursion 5

Once we decided to go with electric outboard, we figured out boat can use some hard flooring for better stability and some inside space for eg portable speaker, bottle or glass on the floor and of course a crazy and heavy battery of around 30 kg. Inflatable floor is ok, but once you add battery it simply doesn’t feel right.

Since we didnt want to invest much time nor money into this one, we decided to build it with minimum tools and materials and to make it from 3 peaces so we can carry it on your bicycle trailer. It turns to be 4 pieces in the end though 🙂 but you can extend one bow peace to be longer for xy cm but than work on it will be a bit harder.

Intex excursion hard wood floor tools

Tools and materials list:

  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Wood saw
  • Sending paper
  • Ruler


  • Light plywood
  • A4 Paper sheet
  • Pipe isolation
  • Glue


We took some measures from other posts online and decided to cut into 3 pieces 75cm x 95cm in the “DIY Shop”. Than once home we inflated a boat, reversed it and draw lines using paper and pen.

Cutting and drawing edges

Cutting and drawing edges

After some cutting and sending the final product was there. Here is short video (coming soon) of complete process. In the end we rounded all planks with pipe isolation. Even below image shows some mismatch it all fitted perfectly in the end. I will not give complete list of dimensions since this is not guide but our own project we did for fun. You can use it as reference for building your own inflatable boat floor with minimum tools and materials since in the end the whole point of this is to be fun and not perfect. 🙂

Intex Excursion 5 – Hardwood Floor Mod finished

Intex Excursion 5 – Hardwood Floor Mod finished