Experience for the upcoming Adventures

Experience for the upcoming Adventures

As Roosevelts proverb goes – “Smooth sea never created skilled sailor”, we can add nor regular circumstances. After these events we will never be the same.

It all began as it should. We packed our stuff loaded a car with the crew and went for a joyful journey.  On our way to Athens, we decided to shorten our trip by overnight close to Greek – North Macedonian border. There we decided it is time for first sailing We picked wisely, as this place was recommended by many as the best roasted lamb kafana in former Yugoslavia. All recommendations and rumors were right, great food and extremely fast service. Four of us entered kafana, while we were undressing waiter approached, looked at us and said: “2 kilos of lamb, big Feng Shui salad, bread. And what will you have for drinks.” Until we undressed table was served. We were hungry and tired, but pretty impressed by service. (slike drveta i video). Big thanks go to our friend Danilo who brought us here.

Looking for the Adventure

The next day we finally arrived at our 1300 Km away destination. Two other crew members joined, Dragana i Sasa. We were very anxious about getting all things the right way, since this was my first time as primary  skipper on boat. We reserved first day for provisioning and organizing the boat. Man did provisioning and ladies organization of supplies while Danilo and me checked the boat. Once all was ready we set course towards first destination – Aegina. Adrenalin rushed into our wains as we were departing Alimo’s port on our first solo sailing tour. We motored around 3 hrs to Aegina assured there will be more than enough room in small harbor. As it turns out “Murphy” never sleeps, so we had to anchor in dark just outside wait for some time to make sure boat is moving as expected for some time. It turns out that boat next to us wasn’t anchored properly so we had to re anchor at another place.  …. Morning was memorable.

Sunrise, calm sea and quiet environment. Light breeze announced beautiful day for city tour. Church bells told us it is time to embrace the new day. Well known charming Aegina port welcomed us.

While strolling streets of the island, we took a tour to a nearby well supplied fish market. On the road we saw a beautiful traditional pistachio store. Our friend and co-skipper Danilo told us a story about why he doesn’t eat mussels. We took another look at island we connect to good memories from previous years. While leaving Aegina we saw new sailors in the making and practicing their sailing skills.

After short sailing we anchored at Moni, beautiful little islet close to our previous destination. This islet is famous as national park inhabited by peacocks and dears. Anther small episode happened here. Three of our companions left for hiking and we were enjoying our coffee on deck. I saw catamaran skipper directing boat to us. Just in case I turned motor on. Boat kept going towards us. I tried to maneuver and escape it just in few meters range. We dropped all of our chain while escaping it. New trouble was to pull back rope that held chain. After 15 mins struggle, we managed to do it. We were a bit shaken by the event, but remained calm.

We set our course towards Poros, and had great sailing in which several of us exchanged at steering wheel. While we were sailing my husband is talking me into getting a skipper license. [If you want to help us hit that Youtube subscribe button] Sea is calm, it is right time for some branch and a sip of Rakija.


We are arriving to Poros port, and little did we know we will spend most of our time here. Now adrenalin is rushing to our veins after great sailing time, and very pleasing Mediterranean mooring done in port. Hyped, with luck of concertation I mistakenly filled water in diesel tank. It is dinner time and Danilo and Dragana owned the kitchen and delivered a out of mind good dinner….

Morning brought us new troubles…

After these stressful events we decided to spend one more day on Poros. It was Easter time and we wanted to feel the Islands atmosphere. In the morning we decided to fallow steps of our fallow crew members who were hiking all the time. These are the youngest 60-year old’s you will see.

Steep stears and idyllic neighborhoods opened before us. Each platform revealed a new tavern, new household and some wonders…like barking flowers 😊 Oldtimer on top of the Island and many other wonders…The spring is coming.

..the next day

We were feeling “Forever young” sailing to one more familiar location – Spetzes, while discussing banking arrangements in our home country. Tired of banking and business discussion Maja searched for some sun on a bow. Good feeling was accompanied with a first of a tree times dolphin meetup.

Sasa and Dragana exchanged on steering while we were approaching spetzes.

After Spetzes we decided it is time to slowly go back, but not before visitng Hydra. Hydra is always notorious for a lot of boats on small space, lot of chains and dropped ropes in the mini port. So our recommendation is to avoid med mooring attempts here if you want to have enjoyable vacation and try nearby Mandraki cove. Beware that Mandraki is pretty deep so you will have to drop anchor on 7 to 10 meters depths. We got back on Poros, after several failed attempts of dropping anchor at Mandraki Cove.

After one more funny attempt to stop on Hydra by all means, we had back to Athens, but not before we met dolphins for the 3rd time. After returning Dias to the port we went for Athens downtown experience.