An Unforgettable Journey: Transferring the Friendship 28 "Louisa-M" from Aalsmeer to Huizen

An Unforgettable Journey: Transferring the Friendship 28 “Louise-M” from Aalsmeer to Huizen

Today, I’m excited to share a recent adventure that my colleague Jan-Willem and I embarked on. We transferred our new sailboat, a Friendship 28 named Louise-M, from Aalsmeer to Huizen, navigating through the picturesque Weste Standing Mast Route via Haarlem. It was a beautiful journey, filled with breathtaking scenery and smooth sailing.

Early Start for a Grand Adventure

The adventure began bright and early. I picked up Jan-Willem of El Naranja at 5:20 AM from his house. Despite the early hour, our spirits were high as we drove to the marina in Aalsmeer. We had to be there at 6:00 AM due to pre-programed gate. The anticipation of the journey ahead kept us energized, and we reached the marina just as the first light of dawn began to break.


Setting Sail from Aalsmeer

By the time we reached the marina, the weather was perfect for sailing – clear skies with a gentle breeze. We quickly checked the oil, started the engine, and prepared Louise-M for the journey. It was the fastest start I’ve ever experienced. At around 6:00 AM, we set sail, leaving Aalsmeer behind and heading towards the Weste Standing Mast Route.

Transfering Friendship 28, Louisa-M from Aalsmeer to Huizen


Navigating the Weste Standing Mast Route

The Weste Standing Mast Route is renowned for its beauty, and it did not disappoint.

I experienced navigating under bridges with a sailboat for the first time, and it was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The thrill of guiding Louise-M under the low-clearance bridges was tempered by a bit of anxiety as I carefully gauged the space. Hovering in the canal waiting for the bridge to open added to the anticipation and excitement, as we drifted gently on the water, surrounded by the charming Dutch scenery.

Additionally, I had my first experience turning the sailboat in a canal, which looked incredibly narrow to me. The tight space made the maneuver feel quite challenging, but also immensely rewarding once successfully completed. The sense of accomplishment and the surge of confidence that came with each new skill mastered made these moments truly memorable.

Barge “Virtus” passing under the bridge

As we sailed through Haarlem, the calm waters and the charming surroundings created a serene and picturesque setting. The route is well-suited for vessels like Louise-M, allowing us to keep the mast standing and sail effortlessly.


Passing Through Haarlem

Haarlem is a jewel along the route. The city’s historic architecture and scenic canals provided a delightful backdrop to our journey. I experienced navigating under bridges with a sailboat for the first time, which was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Hovering in the canal waiting for the bridge to open added to the anticipation and excitement. Additionally, turning the sailboat in a canal, which looked incredibly narrow to me, was quite challenging but immensely rewarding once successfully completed. We navigated through the various bridges and locks with ease, thanks to Jan-Willem’s expert handling of the boat. The sun was shining, making the reflections on the water even more mesmerizing.


The Commercial Channel from the North Sea to Markermeer

After Haarlem, we passed through the commercial channel connecting the North Sea to Markermeer. This part of the journey took us past Amsterdam, offering a unique view of the city’s bustling waterways. The canal cruise near Amsterdam Central Station was particularly busy, with boats of all sizes crisscrossing the water. It was an exciting contrast to the tranquility we experienced earlier, showcasing the diversity of Dutch waterways.


Smooth Sailing to Huizen

Twenty-five bridges and two locks later, we had one more lock to pass from Amsterdam to Markermeer.

After that, we opened the sails for the first time—only the genoa since the main blocks were stuck. We managed to achieve around 3.5 knots of speed and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Just before reaching Huizen, we faced another challenge. Although we had thoroughly checked the route beforehand, it was my first time passing under the Hollandse Bridge, standing at a height of 13 meters, while our boat measures 12.5 meters.

Approaching Holandese bridge


This was particularly interesting as the bridge looked no more than 7 meters high. The tension and anticipation as we approached the bridge were palpable, but successfully navigating under it was a thrilling and satisfying experience.

After passing through Haarlem and Amsterdam we continued our journey towards Huizen. The wind was in our favor, propelling us steadily forward. Along the way, we enjoyed the tranquil beauty of the Dutch waterways, with lush greenery and charming villages dotting the landscape. It was a perfect day for sailing, and Louise-M handled beautifully throughout the trip.


Arriving in Huizen

We arrived in Huizen in the late afternoon, feeling a sense of accomplishment and joy. At first, I was tired and didn’t really like the new marina for Louise-M. The long journey and the challenges we faced had taken their toll, and I was unsure about the new surroundings. However, I decided to sleep over on my new boat. In the morning, with fresh eyes and a renewed perspective, my perception of the marina changed completely. The peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of the early morning light made me appreciate the new home for Louise-M. The marina in Huizen welcomed us with calm waters and a peaceful atmosphere, a perfect ending to our journey. We secured Louise-M in her new berth, reflecting on the wonderful experience we had just shared.


Final Thoughts

Transferring Louise-M from Aalsmeer to Huizen was not just a task; it was an adventure that reminded us of why we love sailing. The camaraderie between Jan-Willem and me, the stunning scenery along the Weste Standing Mast Route, and the flawless performance of Louise-M made this trip truly memorable.

If you ever get the chance to sail through the Weste Standing Mast Route, I highly recommend it. It’s a journey filled with beauty and tranquility, perfect for any sailing enthusiast.

Stay tuned for more adventures and tales from the sea abd Lakes. Until next time, keep exploring and sailing!

Fair winds,

The Maya Adventures Team